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You are invited to join our SSTV net on thursday evenings on 28.350 +/- Qrm with talkthrough on SU23 (433.575Mhz) - the net starts around 19:30 hrs BST


Click here for the SSTV gallery

SSTV interfaces

SStv / Digimode interfaces are easy to build, require no calibration and when built properly, will last for many years. There are many references on the internet but i will describe only my experiences. The following interface will be able to assist the decoding of just about ANY digital mode that requires analogue wave data fed to the pc for processing. This means that you can decode SSTV Psk RTTY Throb Hellscreiber and loads more.

If you would like to build your own interface you can follow the easy to build instructions that you can download from our message forum.


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