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Advance - The Full Licence Book

by Alan Betts, G0HIQ & Steve Hartley, G0FUW


This book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence. In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure Advance! the Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation and Foundation Licence Now!

Advance! the Full Licence Manual contains all of the information required to move to the final stage of amateur radio licensing.

Based on the best-selling Radio Amateurs Examination Manual, the book has been extensively updated to match the Full licence syllabus. Broken down into logical sections to match the full licence syllabus the book is ideal for all those studying for the Full licence.

Presented in an accessible style this book contains everything necessary for home study. Advance! the Full Licence Manual is also the ideal companion to a formal training course. The book provides a useful reference source and so will also find a home on the shelves of many amateurs who have passed the examination.

Advance! the Full Licence Manual is a "must have" for everyone progressing to the Full licence and is the best route to success in the examination.

RSGB, paperback, 210 by 297 mm, 104 pages, ISBN 1-872309-95-X

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